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From Cash to KPIs: Streamlining Payment Processing, Financial Management, and Proven SaaS Metrics

How Stripe + Sage Intacct + SaaS Intelligence Improve the Finance Process and Provide the KPIs You Need

    From Cash to KPIs: Streamlining Payment Processing, Financial Management, and Proven SaaS Metrics

    Stripe continues to grow in popularity as one of the leading payment processors for SaaS and Subscription-based businesses. Its integration with Sage Intacct makes it even more valuable for finance teams. Before these systems could be integrated, overburdened finance teams were forced to manually move data between systems, resulting in the potential for errors and a grueling month-end close month after month.

    Now Stripe payment processing and Sage Intacct can be easily integrated. Yet there remains a missing piece: timely, reliable metrics. SaaS Intelligence, from AcctTwo provides the insight CFOs need to truly monitor performance, understand trends in near real time, and thus forecast more precisely.

    Join Scott Hollrah, Managing Partner of Venn Technology, the creator of the first Stripe to Sage Intacct integration, and Chris Price, Head of the SaaS Vertical at AcctTwo and product manager for AcctTwo's SaaS Intelligence product, a fully automated SaaS Financial Metrics tracking application, as they illustrate the advantages of a well-integrated SaaS finance tech stack.

    Participants will learn:

    • How to best track a customer's financial journey.
    • What metrics are most important for SaaS/subscription businesses to track.
    • How using Stripe, Sage Intacct, and SaaS Intelligence together lets finance leaders focus their teams on higher value activities every day.
    • Other opportunities creating through the integration of Stripe, Sage Intacct, and SaaS Intelligence

    About Chris Price

    Chris Price 500_sq-1Chris Price is the Head of SaaS Vertical at AcctTwo. He is devoted to providing software and technology clients with system solutions to maximize process efficiencies and business insight. Chris has more than a decade of experience in business process redesign and employment of integrated business systems. He has assisted and advised numerous private and public companies in their adoption of ASC 606, streamlining subscription billing and revenue operations, financial and operational reporting, and generating insights into crucial SaaS metrics. As the Head of SaaS Vertical at AcctTwo, Chris manages the vertical solutions and strategy to help transform the finance function into a strategic business asset.

    About Scott Hollrah

    Scott HollrahScott is the Founder and Managing Partner of Venn Technology. He has more than 15 years experience in the business technology industry, and more specifically in CRM and accounting software solutioning. Scott founded Venn Technology in 2015 to help small- and medium-sized businesses get their time and sanity back by building integrations between Sage Intacct and just about anything with an API. Plus, the Venn team is also specialized in implementing and customizing all things Salesforce. Venn’s top priority: build solutions that free people to focus on what they’re best at.