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The Advanced SaaS KPI Dashboard

The Metrics That Matter to Saas Business Leaders

    The AcctTwo Advanced SaaS KPI Dashboard


    The Advanced SaaS KPI Dashboard by AcctTwo is designed to use the native power of Sage Intacct reports and dashboards to provide key business information to subscription-based business leaders. It is designed to use a normal order workflow and supports the standard Sage Intacct integration with Salesforce. The dashboard tracks metrics such as: Bookings, Billings, Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue (CMRR), Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Churn, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). All metrics are automatically calculated by the dashboard as you process and invoice customer orders in Sage Intacct.

    Some of the functions of the Advanced KPI SaaS Dashboard:

    • Tracks multiple types of CMRR, including New, Recovered, Uplift, Downgrade, Churn, Foreign Exchange, and more. 
    • Adds analytical depth to SaaS metrics using Sage Intacct dimensions, enabling SaaS business leaders to slice and dice metrics by key business dimensions.
    • Automatically links SaaS entries to the order that created them for easy auditability of the results.
    • Provides visibility into orders that were expected to renew but haven’t been processed. See which customers haven’t renewed without reducing your total CMRR until a renewal or churn decision is made.
    • Allows for posting contract end transactions to an Open CMRR bucket which is not displayed in the total CMRR or contraction CMRR calculations.
    • Much more...

    More Information

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