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GAAP Changes to Contribution Accounting in 2019

On-Demand Webinar from The Church Network (NACBA), AcctTwo, and Vision2


Does your church file reports according to the GAAP standards? Are you aware of the changes coming in 2019? If you wait too long to comply with the new GAAP standards, you may be looking at a scary bill from your auditors. But don’t worry – these changes aren’t as overwhelming as you think!

Watch the On-Demand Webinar above, led by Tammy Bunting, former Church CFO and Director of Not-for-Profit Services at AcctTwo and Carl Tierney, CTO and Co-Founder at Vision2 They'll teach us some tips that will make complying with these new standards less of a headache.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn what changes to GAAP Reporting are coming and how they affect churches.
  2. Find out the risk and consequences of inaction.
  3. Learn the steps you can take to minimize the burden of these regulatory changes.

About our Speakers

Tammy Bunting has led an impressive career as a Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer during her 30 years working in the nonprofit industry. In 2002 she began working at a megachurch in Dallas Texas, with a $50M budget. During her tenure as Chief Financial Officer, the church grew to 5 campuses, a 1000-acre camp, a TV ministry, and an association of churches. In 2012, Tammy partnered with Sage Intacct to help churches and nonprofits gain efficiencies and ease the burden of managing the finances. In 2014, Tammy joined Sage Intacct’s award-winning partner, AcctTwo Shared Services, as Director of Not-for-Profit Services. Through her commitment to this role, AcctTwo has served more than 150 churches and nonprofits with financial management software solutions and managed accounting services.  

Carl Tierney has been working on financial systems for most of his career in both for-profit and non-profit markets. He has built and integrated financial systems for NASDAQ, Nationwide Insurance, Wells Fargo and Chase. In 2006 he started working with nonprofits running the professional services team and designing solutions for some of the largest nonprofits in the country, including organizations like Heifer International, Worldvision, and Save the Children. As the current CTO, Carl co-founded Vision2Systems to build a giving solution that understands how to connect with members, as well as serve the needs of the finance teams of the church. Vision2 currently manages over $4 billion in contribution records for its customers and will continue to inspire generosity for our growing network! 

About AcctTwo

Delivering the future of finance and accounting, AcctTwo is a leading consulting firm and provider of Managed Accounting Services. Our sophisticated systems solve the issues growing middle market companies and nonprofit organizations face today. AcctTwo is also a reseller of cloud-based accounting, ERP, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software. We provide the people, processes, technology, and office facilities to perform these functions while allowing clients to collaborate interactively through an online portal.

AcctTwo is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has been named Sage Intacct’s overall Partner of the Year from 2014 through 2018. For more information, please visit www.accttwo.com or call 713-744-8400.


Peter Wagner
Director of Marketing
Cell: 512.415.6846
Email: pwagner@accttwo.com

About Vision2:

Vision2 believes generosity is a fundamental part of worship. As a comprehensive giving solution, Vision2 will enable your church to enhance and grow contributions as an extension of worship and discipleship. On average, churches using Vision2 see an increase of 23% in overall giving, which is in part thanks to our ability to maintain your church’s unique brand and voice in all aspects of the giving process. With Vision2 you can engage your congregation with personalized and compelling communications to generate a wider impact, and analyze your efforts to provide enhanced growth for your church. As the only giving solution that doubles as a contribution management system and acts as your payment processor for gifts, we help to consolidate and simplify all of your processes to give you the most time back in your day to focus on your mission. Together, we will inspire generosity at your church by making your vision our vision.

Visit Vision2Systems.com to learn more about this revolutionary giving solution.

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